This week I wanna talk about indulgences. Partly cause it’s Christmas and I’m feeling indulgent, and partly because I think it’s nice to indulge in some things to keep yourself sane.

People often append caveats to their indulgences:

“I go on nice holidays, but I don’t go out to restaurants for the rest of the year.”

“I buy lots of treats for my dog, but I don’t ever go clothes shopping for myself.”

Fuck that.

I think it’s hard to truly indulge if your self-talk ends with a guilty rationalisation.

Instead, just say what you like. No caveats at the end.

I’ll go first…

  • I go to nice restaurants 3-4x a week. Delicious!
  • I buy whatever book I want online without thinking about it.
  • Some days I don’t work.
  • I take an afternoon nap, almost every day.

What about you?

Seeya next Monday,


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