Keep going on a slow burn

This week I’m sharing a YouTube video from some fellow Singaporeans. Thoughtworthy is a husband and wife duo that makes calm, minimalist videos on their lifestyle. And I totally vibe with it.

In this video, they share how they almost decided to give up on Thoughtworthy in 2016 but instead, decided to take an impromptu trip to Bangkok where they lived simply and worked everyday. That trip changed their lives, renewed their motivation and gave them the self-belief that they could indeed “make it”.

During this trip, they accepted that their lives will look different to their peers. Specifically, that they’d appear less “successful” and have to live more simply.

Their whole story really speaks to me as it’s similar to my experiences and struggles. In 2014, I quit my job and went on a 3-month trip to the USA. At the end of 3 months, I realised I wasn’t ready to go home and went to Honduras instead. I ended up spending 8 months freediving there, and eventually became a freediving instructor.

The whole experience was transformative. One of the key lessons I learnt was how little I actually needed to live on. In Honduras, my rent was USD5/day, and I could eat 20c baleadas all day every day. To be clear, this wasn’t a hardship. Life was really really good. The only reason I’m not currently a freediving instructor somewhere in the Caribbean is because my mum sat me down and told me not to. By itself, this wouldn’t have been that impactful. But she’s not really the sort to have these conversations with me, so I figured I had better listen! 😅

Nevertheless, knowing I can happily live on <$10/day is empowering. It means the only thing I really need to worry about is having enough money to live on when I’m too old to work and need professional care. Any other money I make beyond that is a plus.

This knowledge keeps me going with Newsletter Glue even though it’s a slow uphill battle right now. But much like the Thoughtworthy folk, I’m willing to keep going at a lower burn rate because I’m learning lots and enjoying the hell out of it, and that’s what matters. I’m confident that if I keep going, I’ll be successful at some point.

What’s the smallest amount of money you can live on right now and be happy with?

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