Off the rails

We’ve all heard stories of sushi chefs who come into work 7 days a week for decades to perfect their craft.

I’m not like that.

Maybe it’s a personality thing, but I’m not good at keeping the same routine for years, or even months. Instead, I naturally work in cycles. I’ll work diligently for a few weeks, then go completely off the rails for a few weeks, then come back and work diligently again.

I went off the rails a bit this quarter on the work front. Most of our planning and processes went out the door as we focused on two big projects: My website redesign and building v.2 of our plugin. After I shipped the new website, I melted down for a couple of weeks, barely productive.

Coming into December, I’ve been doing lots of planning to get us back on track for 2022. Planning feels good, but falling apart is cathartic too.

I think a lot of people guilt themselves when they go off the rails. I know I do.

But perhaps the better approach is to set guardrails, equip yourself with tools to get back on track, and accept that it’s fine to occasionally let loose.

Systems are more robust when there’s leeway built in.

Seeya next Monday,


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