There’s no need to feed your emotions

This week, I want to talk about emotions. If you don’t know how to tame your shame, envy and lust, it’s hard to ever feel like you have enough. I’m no expert, and I fail miserably all the time when triggered, but here’s a thought that has helped me…

People often think they need to do something about their feelings.

If they’re indignant, they vent. If they’re angry, they yell. If they’re ashamed, they hide.

Instead, what if you just let the emotion sit there? Accept that it’ll be there for awhile, and trust that it’ll dissipate when ready.

Most emotions activate chemicals in your brain, and at some point all chemicals get metabolised and go away. You just need to wait it out, rather than produce more chemicals by feeding the emotion.

Taking action based on your emotions is like feeding pets at the table. You’re validating the behaviour and training them to keep coming back for more food.

Instead, what if you allowed the pet to come sit by you at the table without worrying about feeding them? You don’t even have to chase them away. You can pet them, or just carry on eating.

After awhile, the pet will know they’re welcome, but they’ll also know they aren’t getting any food. Sitting by the table becomes a neutral event.

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